Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Featured Artists/Curators: Marka27 & NineRevolutions

Victor "Marka27" QuiƱonez

Victor “Marka27” QuiƱonez is a prolific graffiti writer/artist/designer who is never confined to one medium. His graffiti has been seen in high profile galleries throughout the east and west coast and has shown along side artist such as Futura and Sam Flores. His street murals/ graffiti have been published in several life style magazines and books, including: Graffit Planet, Burning New York, and Graffiti L.A.. Marka27 made his mark with his original “Audio Canvas” paintings with built in speakers, also his large speaker installations with legendary hiphop icons painted on the speaker boxes. Marka27 also stays close to his graffiti roots and for over 15 yrs still continues to paint street murals through out the U.S.

Marka27 is also the creator of the "MINIGODS" Givers. Of. Divine. Sound, a line of designer vinyl toys with speakers that have become a great success among toy collectors, art collectors, and music lovers. His latest collaborations have been with "Bic Plastics" a toy company from Hong Kong/ China. Together BicPlastics and Marka27have designed Killa Instinct a new graffiti based urban vinyl figure along with a blind box toy series "BICS" which is in the works.

Links: // www.marka27.com // www.minigods.com // www.twitter.com/fearnoart3 //


As an art student and then as a professional artist, I have come to realize that
art is more than translucent interfaces, more than a curated statement on a sterile wall, and certainly more than the surface images that we are constantly force fed. Creativity needs to break down the boundaries set up by morality, the elitist definition of aesthetics and it must indulge in its ability to speak, record and portray the voice of humanity. It almost seems banal to restrict such language to condensed distraction for society. Society will always rejuvenate itself; rules will always meander through loopholes and with that inevitable change, art will record and set the new standards.

Artwork by Ninerevolutions: The human character needs to learn to be more pliable if it wants to survive. However, survival alone is a mundane existence; we are propelled by the sensual, unreachable feat of immortality. With that urge to overcome death, we create, we build and we redesign until there is nothing left to take away. I respect my identity because it is ever changing. My work evokes my experience, each panel, each stroke, colour and line tells a story, a nuance, a history true to my recollections but open to interpretation. I trust the fluidity of gender, the common ground in biology, the investigative nature of the mind and more importantly art that taints all branches of the population.