Monday, June 22, 2009


Last night's opening of Fear No Art 3 was a HUGE SUCCESS! Thank you to all who came out and supported the arts... and a big BIG-UP's to all of the artists who participated!

Keep posted! Fear No Art- New York Coming Soon!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

FEAR NO ART 3 @ The Achilles Project- TODAY!

Don't let the rain keep you away from the hottest art show in Boston TODAY! June 21st.

FEAR NO ART 3 is an exhibition of original, versatile, and culturally diverse art—featuring prolific artists whose influences range from contemporary, pop, low brow, graffiti, and street art forms. Curated by Marka27 & NineRevolutions...

FEAR NO ART is dedicated to promoting and exposing underground art forms to a larger audience by bringing together some of today’s best artists from Boston, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco! Check out the artist line-up!!

Boston:: Enamel Kingdom. Margaret Singer. Kenji Nakayama. Massiel Grullon. NineRevolutions. Sarah Laws "FunCupcake". Frantz Cadet. Deme5. Problak. Kwest. Marka27
New York:: COPE2. Lichiban. Pen Tha Black Krayon
Los Angeles:: David Flores. Kofie. Sherm. Werc Alvarez
San Francisco:: Jesse Hernandez

MUSIC BY:: DJ's Gucci-Vuitton & T-wreXX

Sunday, June 21st
Private Showing:: 4 - 6pm
Public Opening:: 6 - 11pm

Venue Info
The Achilles Project
283 Summer St.
Boston, MA
ph: (617) 423-2257

This is a 21+ Event.
No Dress Code/ No Cover

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Featured Artist: COPE2:: New York

Cope2 is a graffiti artist who also created a legacy in New York with his art and creativity. Cope2 has been painting since 1978, his urban style of art work can be found in galleries and walls all over the world. He was very active in the art scene in 1980's and 1990's and came to be known as the ambassador for New York graffiti. In 2003, Cope2 was commissioned by Time Life magazine to design a billboard campaign. Cope2 is also the featured graffiti artist in Marc Ecko's video game "Getting Up", and most recently in Grand Theft Auto IV. He also worked with Converse, Prokeds and an exclusive campaign for Adidas Originals in Europe.

Links:// www.COPE2.NET // //

Featured Artist: KOFIE:: Los Angeles

Draftsmanship is definitely an aesthetic I strive for overall. I did not study architecture nor any form of industrial design past my high school education, so my involvement in that form of design has been a curiosity & personal study. The focus of my work is centered on an affinity to architectonic aspects, the ideology of building from the ground up, and the line-work involved in the development process. The sketches, the blueprints, the t-square, all these things I collect for my own interest and admiration. My Pops passed down a drafting table in 98, from that point on vintage paperwork & publications on drafting found it’s way to me and on my desk. It found me.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Featured Artist: PROBLAK:: Boston

The concept that a picture is worth an infinite amount of words inspired Problak (Rob Gibbs) and provided him with the opportunity to take ownership of one of our cultures' most modern hieroglyphics: graffiti. He developed a vision of beautifying the ghettos of Boston, MA purely by instinct, experiencing his "calling" at a young age. A child of the Hip-Hop golden age, this culture became a personal creed for Problak, who chose the "unspoken heard" as a communication tool within his city. With an extensive repertoire in several media, Problak's work has challenged both the viewer and himself the artist, to see and celebrate graffiti's evolution for over 15 years. His work as a solo artist and as a member of Boston's A.L.A. crew, has been seen across the world.

Problak has demonstrated a continued commitment to passing on the tools, techniques and traditions he has learned to the next generation of artists, serving as both mentor and inspiration to countless young people through his work as a co-founder and studio manager at Artists for Humanity. The need to place social consciousness in Hip-Hop culture is a driving force behind Problak's creativity. His work impacts the viewer to allow imagination to become a playground for testing boundaries and breaking rules.

For any information, please contact:

Featured Artist: KWEST:: Boston

In my work I convey a variety of socially relevant themes commenting on urban life, and political and cultural events. As a visual artist, I have never received formal training, but began drawing and painting out of pure passion and interest. I draw on my development as a graffiti artist, but cover a far reaching range of topics. Motivated by themes such as love, oppression, freedom, cultural heritage, and history, I create work that typically includes the human form, yet moves well beyond portraiture. A series of acrylic paintings portray a fusion of female subjects and stylized landscapes, which calls attention the connection to humans and nature. I magnify urban issues with cityscapes and street scenes, conveying both a subtle documentation of everyday life, as well as negative media portrayal. I work as a freelance artist, doing live painting at community events, creating murals for youth programs and schools, and creating several series of paintings for exhibition. I hope to continue to elevate, improvise, educate, and process the gamut of my experiences while enhancing my skills as an artist to uplift others.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Featured Artist: MASSIEL GRULLON:: Boston

I paint portraits. Mainly famous people, friends, family, or myself. I do portraits because I like to capture the person's expression. My style and technique or art have a gist of graphics and surrealism, but leans more toward the realism style. I really like getting into detail. Sometimes i like to trick the viewers who are observing my pieces because some of the work I do looks like silkscreen prints- but it's not. Everything is done with a paint brush, acrylic paint, and a wooden board. I like to use bold or soft colors and black/white for a contrast graphic look.

Featured Artists: FRANTZ:: Boston

Frantz Cadet was born in Haiti Relocated to Miami, New York, Boston. His passion for art comes from his own internal conflict and the everyday struggle of life. Frantz faces his challenges by using drawing and painting as a means of creative energy; a kind of therapy that gives him a strong will to survive. A true artist in the sense of painting from his soul and not following current trends but staying true to his vision. As a designer, Frantz is well traveled visiting exotic countries like Brazil, China,Taiwan, Mexico, among many others which have a profound cultural influence in his subject matter. Taking aesthetics and inspiration from these regions have given Frantz a unique and versatile approach to his work. His art is meticulous with close attention to details and a high sense of style. Frantz looks forward to the future and plans on expanding his artistic journey by producing a more concise body of work filled with energy and passion with no constraints.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Featured Artist: JESSE HERNANDEZ:: San Francisco

Jesse Hernandez’s art combines traditional indigenous styles and themes with an urban street sensibility. His work utilizes bold line work, sharp colors, and dynamic imagery across many different mediums, most widely known for his custom painted toys, illustration, and canvas work. His style also draws upon his animation background. Hernandez currently works full time for The Filipino Channel as Art Director/Co-Creator of the cartoon series “The Nutshack” , and creates freelance artwork through his company, Immortal Studios.
His artwork has been featured in many books and magazines such as Maxim, YRB, Giant Robot, Clutter, Playtimes, Dot Dot Dash, Great new Characters, Flux, and has participated in art shows all around the world. He currently has toys out with Kid Robot ,Kaching Brands, and Toyqube, and future releases with BIC Plastics, Upper Deck, Minigods, and Super Rad Toys.

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Featured Artist: KENJI NAKAYAMA:: Boston/Japan

Kenji Nakayama is originally from Hokkaido, Japan. He is currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts, where he works as a designer/artist.
Kenji has created a visual identity that speaks to the disconnection of individuals from their urban settings. Using hundreds of layers of stencils, he creates installations, murals, canvases, also any objects that he can apply his media.


Featured Artist: SARAH LAWS "FUNCUPCAKE":: Boston

Sarah Laws "Funcupcake" is an artist/designer originally from the West coast (Oregon & California) now living in a small New England Coastal town just minutes North of Boston, via New York City. She graduated with a degree in sculpture from Portland State University and studied Accessory Design in New York City. Her subjects include naive subject matter, and often reference personal childhood memories and dream-like settings. She creates intricate line drawings, paper-cuts, paintings and fabric sculptures with a handmade quality always represented. She is deeply inspired by the season changes, animals and nature, especially the oceans and forests, folk art, celebrations and domestic life.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Featured Artist: SHERM:: Los Angeles

Sherm is a graffiti artist, designer and visual artist from Los Angeles. While her roots are in graffiti, she has expanded her skills over the years into art, graphic and web design. Her artistic style is bold and organic and her subject matter is a combination of cute animals, feminine beauty, personal life experience, social commentary and general observation.


Featured Artist: DEME5:: Boston

Mention the word aerosol in Boston and his name is bound to pop up. Rich Gomez a.k.a. DEME5 the Dominican born artist first realized his potential at an early age. Deme drew inspiration from graffiti books and Boston's environments. With a keen sense of design and a vision to transform any surface put before him, his talent has not gone unrecognized. He has received commissions from some of Boston's most reputable businesses. It is said that "to whom much is given, much is required". Realizing this, Deme decided to share his talent and knowledge by becoming a painting instructor/mentor at Artist for Humanity, a local nonprofit for inner city youth. Deme now works as a self-employed artist and is exploring all avenues of creativity. Although aerosol is his primary medium, he has recently begun to incorporate new materials and methods to execute his ideas. Not one to brag, he is well known for his humility. His future goals include exhibiting at contemporary institutions, collaborating with likeminded artsts, and sharing his work with the people of Boston and the world.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Featured Artist: LICHIBAN:: Brooklyn, NY

Lichiban is a Brooklyn-based self-taught visual artist, illustrator, curator, and full time creative hustler. She was born in a border town in Hungary and from early on she acquired a fascination with borders, limits and ambiguous dividing lines; her experiences on the margins of cities, countries and subcultures eventually formed into a semi-consistent life philosophy, which continues to inspire her creative development.Her images draw inspirations from a wide range of extraordinary life experiences and impressions, such as her childhood memories of Eastern-European folktales and animations, her studies in Sufism and her travels to war-torn countries (Bosnia, Kashmir, Eastern Turkey), her volunteer work with refugees and trauma victims and from meeting exceptional people. Her experiences led her to a deep appreciation for people and their stories, which expresses itself best in her love for faces.

Her work draws on elements of tribal & religious art, comics & animations, symbolism, surrealism, erotic and fantasy illustration. Her passion for music, erotica and the mystical sciences reflects vividly in her most recent work. Most recently, she has been working on developing a number of feline superheroes to visually narrate her mystical mythology. Their first representations were revealed at her recent art show, THE SECRET LIVES OF SAMURAIS FROM THE LAND OF ETERNAL LOVE, which was about the heart chakra symbolically represented by my feline samurai, Lotusheart.

She has exhibited her work in New York, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston and in Wilmington and has been leaving her trace around at various live art events in New York City. She has been featured in CLAM Magazine, TRACE Magazine blog, Limite Magazine, PEP! Magazine blog, Leisure LAB, and Dope Swan among others


I am a spiritual animal with a human imagination. A embodied light-being journeying to the original source by way of creating realities through colors and images. Reality and time are mental concepts we are ready to experience-art is a way of becoming the master of one's universe. My creativity is a divine gift given to every single child, and my life as an artist is the gradual unfolding of that gift. My works are intended to be spirit-transformers or gateways to a vibration field I am here to manifest. My felines represent different evolutionary stages on the way to the ever-flowing nectar of immortality. My art is a way of riding the inner tiger. Freedom is in the heart of the beholder.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Featured Artist: WERC:: Los Angeles

My work comes from two places, border culture because I was born in Cd Juarez and grew up in El Paso Texas; and graffiti, my urban teacher, because the streets were my training ground. My passion for letters has provoked new inspirations in my artist life. Although graff is the most profound element of myself as an artist , it is separate from my art practice, where I am challenged by the contemporary approaches of all mediums in art. Inspirations come from logos, symbolism, architecture, urbanization, the humor and nostalgia in specific immigrant cultures because I see the beauty in their creative micro-economies that develop sustainability and affordability; which lead to creations of participatory and collective art projects with intentions of dissolving all borders and deceptive forms of separation. Hunting, gathering and investigating these themes; I paint, collage, install, sculpt and use video to translate my concepts into experiences .

Werc is also one of the creative visions behind La Entrada Project ( a collaborative art project of public art in personal spaces infused as murals and art workshops throughout the new landscape rising in San Diego, California. The project actively cultivates culture in the community and is a reflection of social change.

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La Entrada Project - Wall3 from LaEntradaProject on Vimeo.

Keep posted for more ARTIST FEATURES!...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Featured Artists/Curators: Marka27 & NineRevolutions

Victor "Marka27" QuiƱonez

Victor “Marka27” QuiƱonez is a prolific graffiti writer/artist/designer who is never confined to one medium. His graffiti has been seen in high profile galleries throughout the east and west coast and has shown along side artist such as Futura and Sam Flores. His street murals/ graffiti have been published in several life style magazines and books, including: Graffit Planet, Burning New York, and Graffiti L.A.. Marka27 made his mark with his original “Audio Canvas” paintings with built in speakers, also his large speaker installations with legendary hiphop icons painted on the speaker boxes. Marka27 also stays close to his graffiti roots and for over 15 yrs still continues to paint street murals through out the U.S.

Marka27 is also the creator of the "MINIGODS" Givers. Of. Divine. Sound, a line of designer vinyl toys with speakers that have become a great success among toy collectors, art collectors, and music lovers. His latest collaborations have been with "Bic Plastics" a toy company from Hong Kong/ China. Together BicPlastics and Marka27have designed Killa Instinct a new graffiti based urban vinyl figure along with a blind box toy series "BICS" which is in the works.

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As an art student and then as a professional artist, I have come to realize that
art is more than translucent interfaces, more than a curated statement on a sterile wall, and certainly more than the surface images that we are constantly force fed. Creativity needs to break down the boundaries set up by morality, the elitist definition of aesthetics and it must indulge in its ability to speak, record and portray the voice of humanity. It almost seems banal to restrict such language to condensed distraction for society. Society will always rejuvenate itself; rules will always meander through loopholes and with that inevitable change, art will record and set the new standards.

Artwork by Ninerevolutions: The human character needs to learn to be more pliable if it wants to survive. However, survival alone is a mundane existence; we are propelled by the sensual, unreachable feat of immortality. With that urge to overcome death, we create, we build and we redesign until there is nothing left to take away. I respect my identity because it is ever changing. My work evokes my experience, each panel, each stroke, colour and line tells a story, a nuance, a history true to my recollections but open to interpretation. I trust the fluidity of gender, the common ground in biology, the investigative nature of the mind and more importantly art that taints all branches of the population.