Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Featured Artist: WERC:: Los Angeles

My work comes from two places, border culture because I was born in Cd Juarez and grew up in El Paso Texas; and graffiti, my urban teacher, because the streets were my training ground. My passion for letters has provoked new inspirations in my artist life. Although graff is the most profound element of myself as an artist , it is separate from my art practice, where I am challenged by the contemporary approaches of all mediums in art. Inspirations come from logos, symbolism, architecture, urbanization, the humor and nostalgia in specific immigrant cultures because I see the beauty in their creative micro-economies that develop sustainability and affordability; which lead to creations of participatory and collective art projects with intentions of dissolving all borders and deceptive forms of separation. Hunting, gathering and investigating these themes; I paint, collage, install, sculpt and use video to translate my concepts into experiences .

Werc is also one of the creative visions behind La Entrada Project (www.laentradaproject.com)- a collaborative art project of public art in personal spaces infused as murals and art workshops throughout the new landscape rising in San Diego, California. The project actively cultivates culture in the community and is a reflection of social change.

Links:// www.crolvswerc.com // www.laentradaproject.com //

La Entrada Project - Wall3 from LaEntradaProject on Vimeo.

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