Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Featured Artists: FRANTZ:: Boston

Frantz Cadet was born in Haiti Relocated to Miami, New York, Boston. His passion for art comes from his own internal conflict and the everyday struggle of life. Frantz faces his challenges by using drawing and painting as a means of creative energy; a kind of therapy that gives him a strong will to survive. A true artist in the sense of painting from his soul and not following current trends but staying true to his vision. As a designer, Frantz is well traveled visiting exotic countries like Brazil, China,Taiwan, Mexico, among many others which have a profound cultural influence in his subject matter. Taking aesthetics and inspiration from these regions have given Frantz a unique and versatile approach to his work. His art is meticulous with close attention to details and a high sense of style. Frantz looks forward to the future and plans on expanding his artistic journey by producing a more concise body of work filled with energy and passion with no constraints.

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