Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Featured Artist: KWEST:: Boston

In my work I convey a variety of socially relevant themes commenting on urban life, and political and cultural events. As a visual artist, I have never received formal training, but began drawing and painting out of pure passion and interest. I draw on my development as a graffiti artist, but cover a far reaching range of topics. Motivated by themes such as love, oppression, freedom, cultural heritage, and history, I create work that typically includes the human form, yet moves well beyond portraiture. A series of acrylic paintings portray a fusion of female subjects and stylized landscapes, which calls attention the connection to humans and nature. I magnify urban issues with cityscapes and street scenes, conveying both a subtle documentation of everyday life, as well as negative media portrayal. I work as a freelance artist, doing live painting at community events, creating murals for youth programs and schools, and creating several series of paintings for exhibition. I hope to continue to elevate, improvise, educate, and process the gamut of my experiences while enhancing my skills as an artist to uplift others.

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